Femblossom Heat - Intimate massager
Femblossom Heat - Intimate Massager    Femblossom Heat - Intimate Massager    Femblossom Heat - Intimate Massager

Femblossom "Heat" will run for between 90 to 240 on a full charge.


Supplied with:
• Femblossom
• AC Adaptor
• Instruction Booklet

Femblossom "Heat"


The Femblossom has a unique and curvaceous shape that is designed to simultaneously caress the clitoris and the labia (the ultra sensitive lips of the vagina) to achieve stronger and more intense orgasms.

The variation of speeds and frequencies available leaves you spoilt for choice.



The new Femblossom Heat is the Femblossom with a surprise, it heats up! The single click function enables the Femblossom to gradually heat up to coincide with the speed and frequency of the programme selected creating an additional pleasurable (and warm) experience. 


Not only does it heat up but it also has a unique antibacterial agent which means a few minutes after use and after wiping with water, it becomes sterile and ready to use again.

Emotional Bliss Intimate Massagers are designed to stimulate orgasms

• Naturally - Our designs caress the natural contours of the body
• With more speeds and frequencies– There are nine different vibrating settings ranging from Tantalizing to Intense.
• Quietly – Our products are some of the quietest massagers on the market.

• With heat  - Emotional Bliss massagers are the ONLY products on the market that have heat technology that enables our product to heat up during usage helping create even  hotter orgasms.

  (inc vat)


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